25 Shocking Facts About Bill Gates Life


Apparently, everyone knows Bill Gates. He is the world’s richest man in America and co-founded the most successful tech company, the Microsoft. Other than that, what else do you know about the multi-millionaire man with incredible riches? Let’s have the facts straight with our list of Top 25 Unbelievable Facts about Bill Gates.



1. We all know he is rich, but the question is how wealthy?


Would you believe that his annual income is over 82 billion dollars? It means he makes 290 dollars per second! Phew. Even if he spends $1 million every single day, he needs 218 years to consume them all.

2. He knows well how to raise his children


Even though his riches are out of hand, Gates says the maximum inheritance his kids will receive is $10 million. He does not want them to depend on the tremendous amount of money they will inherit. He wants them to make a living by themselves.

3. His donations will leave you speechless.


Bill and his wife, Melinda Gates had donated over $26 Billion making it the largest single donation ever made. The couple is now busy traveling around the world by helping the less fortunate through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He also convinced Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner and George Lucas to join him to donate most of their money to charity.

4. Bill and Einstein have the same IQ.



Gates and Einstein share the same Genius IQ of 160. Psychologists got surprised by his excellent mental abilities as early as 4-years-old.


5. He hacked school codes to get included in a class with the most number of females.


We all know he had the edge over program codes, and he used it to his advantage to place himself in a class full of remarkable girls. The school discovered that Gates rewrite the scheduling program, so they let him use his talent to do the job for future computer program alterations.

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